Recover from Holiday Spending by Temping

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It’s easy for spending to rack up during the holiday season. But the new year is a perfect time to regroup and take a serious look at any of your financial goals — even if you just want to pay off any seasonal debt. The good news is you can get back on track without cutting your budget by working as a temp.

Commit and Plan

After you decide you want to work as a temp, it’s time to commit. This is when you should make a plan and focus. Research how to start as a temp in your industry. Start making weekly and monthly goals for the hours you need to work to meet your financial goals. What will you need to do first?

Launch yourself. Make a website if needed. Complete your social media profiles. Reach out to your personal networks for possible opportunities.

Don’t be Afraid to Expand

When it’s time for you to get started, keep looking ahead for more opportunities. Don’t be afraid to invest more time to expand your chances for more work or networking. If you can, invest your money into education and/or outsourcing tasks that will help you. If you end up enjoying your work as a temp, you might even consider doing it full-time. You could also consider setting aside money for the next holiday season once you pay off any debts.

How Boon Can Help

Boon makes it easier and more affordable for dental care providers looking for work in the gig arena. With Boon, providers can make a profile in just a few minutes and start moonlighting.

We complete all of the background checks and thorough screening. This way, once your profile is on our platform, you’re ready to get hired. Boon uses advanced artificial intelligence to match providers with practices.

With Boon, you can work as much or as little as you want. Get a side gig or go completely on your own. The options are endless!

Creating a profile is easy. Get started and get hired today!

January 19, 2020