We Match Higher-Quality Temps to Meet Your Practice’s Needs

Get Affordable Hires, Perfectly Matched On-Demand

Boon uses advanced artificial intelligence to connect licensed dental providers to work opportunities while simultaneously ensuring that providers are paid fairly, dental practices are not overcharged for services rendered and that quality patient care remains on the forefront.

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    Enjoy Affordable Access to Temp Staff

    Since hiring is just one click away, Boon eliminates the complicated back and forth of requesting a team member.

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    Hire Quality Dental Providers

    Boon takes pride in its increased accountability through thorough screening, background checks and real-time feedback.

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    Match with Providers On-Demand

    With just one click, dental practices can request qualified dental providers at any time. Within seconds, a perfect match will be made.

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    Get a Perfect Match in Seconds

    Our advanced artificial intelligence uses sophisticated matching algorithms in a single click.

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Rely on Our In-Depth Security

We take pride in offering the safest and best experience for dental practices and providers, which is why everyone on the platform must pass our countless security measures beforehand.

We screen for a license to practice, complete a thorough background check, and more so you can make trusted decisions without hesitation.