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You may recognize the word from “bon,” “bien,” “bo,” “bene,” “bueno,” or “boa.” With its Latin roots, boon is a universal message of doing good. That’s why we exist.

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Benefits of boon

In everything we do, we want to be practicing good. After all, that is our slogan.

Here are a few things we do to help you on your quest to practicing good.

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    Free Dental CE Courses

    Wanting to increase your knowledge and provide the best patient care that you can? Not a problem. For every 100 hours worked, we will provide you with outstanding continuing education opportunities for free.

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    Get Paid to Volunteer

    For every 500 hours a Provider works with boon, they will get paid their average fair wage to volunteer for half a day at a non-profit of their choosing. The catch? Hashtag your picture with #boonLife

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    Get Paid to Travel

    We know you work hard. Providers working over 1,500 hours via boon in a calendar year will receive a $200 Delta Airlines travel voucher for a destination of your choosing, simply share your experience with #boonLife.

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    Other Goodies

    Throughout the year, just for living that #boonLife, we will be sure to pass some swag your way. Just keep practicing good, and the rest will fall into place.

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Not only do we take care of the Providers and Practices, we take care of our own team too. Life @ boon is pretty great!

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Stories of Practicing Good

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