Safety Is a Top Priority

Healthcare professionals chose their profession to help improve the quality of patient care. That is why boon is committed to both practices and providers. Ultimately this translates into high quality patient care.

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    Background Checks

    At boon, every provider recived a thorough, third-party background check to ensure patient safety.

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    Licence Verification

    We verify all provider licenses with their issuing to make sure they are ready to start practicing good.

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    Know Who to Expect

    Get notified as soon as a provider is on their way. You will recive their location as their near your practice and their photo so you know who to expect

Increased Accountability of Temporary Worked

One major concern with dental temporary staff members is accountability. We take quality care and hardworking dental temps very seriously. As such, we have implemented a rating system that will be displayed at the end of every shift. We take these ratings very seriously. This keeps our platform safe and ensures quality patient care.

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