3 Tips for Creating Your Own Schedule

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Whether you work from home, work as a temp, or have a job where you get to create your own schedule, the freedom of it can sometimes be overwhelming. Flex schedules are becoming more popular in the workforce. They allow employees the autonomy to create a work-life balance that truly works for them.

Being able to create your own schedule allows you the flexibility to work when you’re most-productive. But it still takes some planning.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of making your own work schedule.

Decide How Often You’ll Work

Choose how many hours per week you’ll work and how many days per week you’ll work. You may even choose what days you want to spend working and what days you want “off”.

When you’re making these decisions, don’t forget to include any family and social needs (or anything else) into that plan. Perhaps you’ll want to include the opportunity to indulge in some self-care. For example, if there’s a yoga class at noon on Tuesdays you really love, then maybe Tuesday afternoons are “off” time.

Consider and include hobbies and passions into your schedule.

Of course, a factor in deciding how much you’ll work each week depends on how much money you need to earn. Use the urge of needing to work for your paycheck to your advantage.

Create a Routine and Maintain it

No matter how much you want to deny it, our bodies work best in routines. It’s a great idea to start every day at the same time. Treat every day with the same level of importance, even if the schedule for that day is different than others.

For example, maybe you only do an hour or two of paid work every Wednesday and you use the rest of the day to tackle house chores or run errands. Don’t skip out on the paid hours or attack the day any differently than if you were planning to work five paid hours.

Have a Hard Stop on the Workday

Always put a hard stop on your working day. If you’re buried into a project, you’ll work too long and likely suffer from burnout after too many days of that. Having a hard stop on the work days will actually help you meet deadlines and maintain your work-life balance. It will also help you stick to the previous tip of starting each day at the same time, with the same level of importance.

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May 20, 2019