How Boon Can Save Time for Dental Practices

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Over the years, the dental industry — along with many other industries — has experienced challenges with high employee turnover. High turnover results in hiring new team members, onboarding and training them. All of this takes time, which costs money.

Dental Staff Turnover Costs Time and Money

Depending on how much an employee is paid, staff turnover can cost a dental practice tens of thousands of dollars. This is because of the time and financial costs associated with hiring, onboarding, training time, loss of engagement, business errors, and the cultural impacts in the office.

If you’re replacing members of your dental staff the traditional way, this can take weeks and months from the time it takes to advertise for a position, interview potential candidates, check references, and start training them.

You have to consider the time expense of interview no-shows, candidates who end up declining the position, the possibility of not being able to find qualified candidates, and the time it takes for staff and even dentists to spend interviewing candidates.

Because of the time commitment, many dental practices have turned to temporary staffing agencies for their hiring needs. However, many of the time issues with traditional hiring methods are still present with staffing agencies.

If you don’t already have an agency to work with, you have to take time to find the right one. Then, the agency will either pull from their pool of candidates or advertise for the position and conduct interviews. Even though your office won’t be conducting the interviews, you’ll still be waiting for a new employee. Depending on the situation, you’ll be using other employees to cover those hours.

How Boon Can Save Time for Dental Practices

This is where Boon comes in — we offer speed in the hiring process, among many other benefits. With our platform, potential job candidates have already been thoroughly screened and are ready to work. There’s no more slowing down the process with pricing, negotiations, or interviews.

The platform is streamlined and easy to use so that with just one click, you can see highly-qualified providers located in your area, with a price and an estimated time of arrival. You can truly hire on-demand, and it takes minutes — not months.

Dental practices can use our platform to hire dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and a front office staff,  on-demand. Boon caters to temporary employees, which can help to resolve the challenges with high turnover.

Temporary Employees are Beneficial in Many Ways

Temporary employees can fill open positions without a long-term commitment. In fact, you can choose how long their “assignment” lasts, whether it’s a single day of work for a specific task or a few months.

Many years ago, temporary employees — “temps” — were often only hired for lower-paid position within a company. But today, you can hire temps at any level you need. Temporary employees can fill the void in several situations, such as when an employee goes on vacation, parental leave, or quits without notice.

But with the flexibility of temporary employees, you may find there are even more benefits to having them on-demand, like they are with boon. A temp may have a set of specialized skills that you’ve been looking for. They can help keep your core staff from burnout during a busy month.

It’s time to resolve high staff turnover, and get more efficient with filling positions in dental practices so you can keep patients at the center of what you do. Start hiring with boon today!

Saving dental practices time

June 24, 2019