Efficient hiring processes in the dental industry

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Lately, companies of all types are trying to be more productive and efficient. Because of this, they are choosing to hire new employees only when they are absolutely needed.

In many cases, the companies are hiring temporary employees during new projects, a peak season, or when a permanent employee takes extended time off from work.

The Dental Industry Can Have Efficient Hiring Processes, Too

The dental industry has these same needs when it comes to hiring. They have the capability to work this way, too. By using boon you can truly hire your dental staff on-demand whenever you need extra help.

If you were hiring employees on your own, you would have to write and advertise a job posting, review all of the submitted applications, interview candidates, and negotiate salaries.

Depending on the number of employees you need and the required skill sets, this could take months to accomplish. Plus, it takes away man hours from your current staff, and slows down regular office processes each day.

Many Dental Practices Turn to Staffing Agencies for Efficient Hiring Needs

Of course, you always have the option of using a staffing agency for hiring, but that takes time as well. First, you have to find the right staffing agency for your hiring needs; you have to make sure they work with the type of qualified employees you need.

Once you find the right agency, you have to provide them with all of the information about the type of work you need, a job description, the job expectations, and the skills required.

Then, the agency begins the search for job candidates. Often, these staffing agencies will already have a large pool of candidates to pull from when new jobs arrive. If the agency doesn’t have an employee that fits the role, they will advertise the position, get applicants, and conduct interviews and background checks.

Depending on the market in your area, all of that could take quite a bit of time. In fact, time is one of the biggest challenges for staffing agencies. There is a high-demand to fill positions quickly. There is no guarantee they can find the right person for the job in a specific window of time.

Boon Offers Truly Secure, On-Demand Hiring

That is one reason we created boon: to help dental practices be more productive and efficient. Boon gives practices the ability to make their own hiring decisions. Our platform is able to offer a true, on-demand system that allows dental practices to request dental providers at any time, with just one click.

One of the ways we save time is by thoroughly screening and performing background checks. We complete countless security measures before a provider is presented to a dental practice on the platform.

Not only are you looking at highly-qualified dental providers, but you’ll be instantly matched using our advanced artificial intelligence and algorithm. Any employee will align with all aspects of your dental practice.

March 16, 2020