Why Hiring Temps Are Good for Business

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You may not think much about temporary workers, especially if you haven’t worked with them much — or at all. But there are several reasons why hiring temps are good for your business. Temps can be a helpful addition to a business in any industry.

We’ve outlined some of the benefits of hiring a temp worker:

Adjust Quickly

They allow you to adjust quickly to workload fluctuations. By hiring a temporary worker, you can meet unexpected temporary demands. Part-time or temporary employees can help with short-term projects when demand is high. Whether it’s during the holiday season or a time when employees often take vacation, a contract worker can fill in the gaps.

Get it Covered using Temps

Temps can cover employee absences for illness, parental leave, vacation or bereavement. Did a full-time employee unexpectedly quit? Get fired? Get it covered by hiring a contractor.

Assist During Hiring

A temp employee can assist while you’re filling open positions. Depending on the type of position you’re looking to fill, the interview process can take weeks or even months. Use a temporary employee to continue getting work done while you search for the right candidate.

Save Money

Save money on payroll by hiring a contractor. It’s generally more cost-effective to hire a temp over a full-time employee. A temp can also help you avoid paying overtime by giving them some of your full-time employees’ work. You’ll also be giving your full-time employees a break.

Stay Productive

Hiring a temp will keep things productive no matter what’s happening. A temporary employee will keep the business focused on generating revenue. Hire a temp as soon as you need one and end the contract when business is back on track.

Use Boon for Temps

Adding a temp into the mix is easy… With Boon. Hiring a temp hasn’t always been easy. Until now, it’s always involved a third party such as a staffing agency. With Boon, you can hire qualified, licensed temps on-demand without a third party. Boon also has no hidden fees and uses AI to get a perfect match.

Get Experience

A temp can bring a new level of experience to the business. Often, the experience level will be at a price you can afford. Perhaps you need a specific skill set for a certain project — hire a contractor!

Scale Your Business with Temps

If you’re looking to grow your business at a reasonable scale, hire a contractor! They can help you grow a business in step with the market. If things take a turn, you can always end the contract. Temps can show you what it would be like to have a larger staff without the risk.

Make Connections

Make lasting connections for future work. No matter how many contract workers you work with over the years, it’s another connection that might be able to help you in the future. Depending on the temp, they may be open to full-time work down the road, too.

Have Flexibility

Temporary workers can bring better availability and flexible hours to your business. Maybe the season calls for different hours. Perhaps a new project can only be done on the weekends. No matter what, you’ll be able to find a contractor to help!

So, are you ready to use Boon? Creating a profile only takes a few minutes. Get started and hire on-demand!

September 23, 2019