Yes, You Can Trust an App With Your Career

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Smartphones are more than just popular — they’ve become commonplace. With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, people can look for a job no matter the time or place. Our phones have even created the gig economy, where people can earn money several different ways, on-demand.

Years ago, it would have seemed crazy to trust an app with a job search, but now? It seems like everyone is doing it.

In fact, 95% of American adults have a cell phone. Of those, 77% are smartphones, among ages 18-29, 88% among ages 30-49 and 74% among ages 50-64.

No matter the age group, everyone of them does most of their job searching using an app. This means job recruiters are using apps, too.

Smartphones Have Fueled the Gig Economy

Our smartphones have enabled the gig economy, and turned it into a multi-trillion dollar global market. As many as 57 million people work in the gig economy each year in some way.

There are gig apps for different industries including ridesharing, errands, crafting, writing and editing, delivery and multimedia. Many of these apps pay workers directly.

The rise of the gig economy has completely changed the workforce by creating platforms that connect people with the ability to monetize their skills and services they offer.

These apps mean that more and more people are earning additional income and working on a flexible schedule. Although apps are digital, much of the work in the gig economy is performed in-person.

Apps can create a seamless onboarding process and a better employee experience. No more long, tedious and costly hiring processes! Plus, it’s easier on employers whether they’re hiring for a contract or a full-time position.

Many of the onboarding processes can be completed on a smartphone. Plus, the pay and any fees are often very transparent. Earnings can sometimes be shown in real time.

With some apps, workers can sign up and start working on the same day. This only adds to the flexibility in pay and hours for employees. Plus, workers can enjoy a variety in their work; never work the same day twice!

Apps supporting the gig economy allow participants to experience the benefits of being an entrepreneur without the time or cost of starting from scratch. You get a taste of what’s it like to run your own business, but with a bit of a safety net.

This kind of work also provides an outlet for personal and financial growth beyond the confines of a traditional job and career path.

Apps Also Help With the Job Hunt

There are different kinds of “job apps” out there, including business networking (such as LinkedIn), job boards (ex. Indeed Job Search) and organizing your job hunt (Evernote). Even different industries have separate apps for job hunting.

Many companies are trying to adapt by ensuring their websites and job boards are mobile friendly. However, users prefer an entire mobile experience, such as an app.

Several popular apps are also using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the job hunting experience. AI can also improve productivity and performance. At Boon, we use AI to make a perfect match between healthcare providers and practices. This assists in making the in-person experience even better.

In fact, Boon is proud to support the gig economy by offering a platform that connects providers and practices without the middleman. Our app allows employees to be their own boss, create their own schedules and have more freedom spin their careers. Boon makes things easier for employers, too.

It only takes a few minutes to create a profile. Get started, get hired and start earning today!

September 16, 2019