4 Benefits of Being a Temp Dentist

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Can you be a temp dentist? Over the years, being a temporary employee — a temp — sometimes has gotten a bad reputation. But today, more people in many different industries are drawn to the flexible life as a temp!

Even those in the dental industry — from dental assistants and dental hygienists to even the dentists themselves — are looking for temporary employment. Why? When done right, there are several benefits to being a temp dentist.

Until now, being a temp dentist meant you had to go through a temporary staffing agency. In many of these cases, dentists (along with employees in other industries) ran the risk of not getting placed in a timely manner, not getting paid what they’re worth because of staffing agency rates, and not getting to work with dental practices that align with their personal values.

With boon, these types of concerns are a non-issue. We’ve eliminated them as a possibility when you use our platform. That way, you can truly see all of the benefits from being a temp dentist. Here are a few of those benefits:

Set Your Rate & Keep Your Earnings

No more worrying about agency fees or what they think your hourly rate should be. When you work for yourself as a temp dentist, you set your rates and you get to take home what you earn.

Depending on your career path, this might mean you’re actually making more money working for yourself than you were through a staffing agency or even at another dental practice.

No matter what, working as a temp puts you in control of your paycheck. Work more hours when you need more money. Work less when you don’t need to — you’re in the driver’s seat of your finances.

Make Your Own Scheduling Choices

Don’t want to work on Friday anymore? Then don’t work on Fridays! Working as a temp allows you to set your availability and that includes the days and hours that you want to work.

You’ll be able to have more control of your days, and work only in the mornings or only in the afternoon. Perhaps you decide to work standard 9-5 hours, but take the summers a little lighter, or take off for the holidays. All of it is your choice.

Create Your Own Brand

Working for yourself provides you with an opportunity to create and build your own brand, if that’s something you’re looking to do. Create a profile that shows all of the places you’ve worked and the skills you’ve learned along the way.

Set yourself up to continue a dental business working for yourself as you move toward retirement or whatever path you choose. That’s the beauty of being a temp dentist!

See & Learn New Things Every Day

If you’re someone who enjoys variety and change, being a temp allows that on a regular basis. You can get a glimpse at different dental practices and settings and see how they work on a daily basis.

You’ll likely get the opportunity to learn new skills on the job and/or learn about new technology. You’ll also get exposure to new faces, whether those be your co workers and/or your dental patients. This will give you more people skills and you may even get a more diverse look at oral health challenges your patients face.

Being a temp dentist may be exactly what you’ve been looking for in your career. Create your profile in minutes and start earning on boon today!

Working as a temp dentist

July 22, 2019