How Residency Students Can Benefit From Temp Work

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Medical and dental school prepares students for a fulfilling career in their chosen speciality. However, a majority of students are left with several thousands of dollars in student debt after graduation.

While everyone has a different situation, most students are left to figure out how to repay these loans completely on their own. For most, it takes several years to pay down loans and get rid of student-related debt.

Where Moonlighting Comes In

Some medical and dental students might consider moonlighting while they are in residency programs. Moonlighting refers to work outside of your residency program.

Technically, you can do any kind of work you like — even if it’s not related to your residency. You may also consider working in an area related to your studies to improve your skills and experience.

For example, you could work as a general dentist on the weekends and in your free time. You’ll be able to improve your hand skills and overall technique. Moonlighting may also provide maturity in your practice management and business ethics.

Earn Money Moonlighting

Moonlighting provides residency students the opportunity to earn money. This can help you pay off student debt. Some residency students may also have outside financial obligations, such as additional bills or families.

Working while in residency may be very helpful for students who otherwise couldn’t afford to complete their education.

Malpractice Insurance

Anyone who decides to moonlight in the medical or dental field will have to get malpractice insurance coverage. However, the job you are considering working at may provide it for you.

If not, most of the major insurance carriers have malpractice insurance coverage. Many of these companies often provide it at a discounted rate — sometimes up to 60% off — for the first year of coverage. All of the rates depend on the state and the specialty.

Take a Look into Your Residency Program

The opportunity to work while in residency varies depending on the program. Some programs do not allow for moonlighting. Other programs may want to monitor or limit the number of hours you work. It’s also popular to limit moonlighting to those students who are considered top-performing, while in their final year.

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October 14, 2019