How to Love Your Career

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It’s a new year, and many professionals are re-evaluating where they spend a majority of their time. For most of us, we spend a good chunk of our days at work. So, if you don’t love your job, there are ways you can come to love it. Here are some tips:

Focus on what you love about your job

A good tip to remember when you’re feeling low about your career is to think back to when you started. Recall why you jumped in and what has motivated you over the years. Even when it may not feel like it, there’s got to be at least one thing you like about your job. Now is the time to focus on the positive and see if there’s more of that to be had. Are there additional tasks you love that you could do more of?

Make a change, even if it’s small

Consider what changes you could make in your job, such as switching to a location that’s closer to home, working different hours or even changing positions. Making small changes in your environment or daily routine is an underestimated way to re-energize your feelings about your job.

Get up to speed on your field

We are all guilty of complacency at some point in our careers. If you’ve been feeling out of the loop, now is the perfect time to jump in and learn some new things about your industry. Maybe you make a reading list of recent articles, register for a webinar or take a class to get up to speed. Learning new things about your industry make get you excited about work again.

Ask for new duties

Don’t be afraid to change things up by asking for new tasks. Even if these new tasks aren’t directly part of your job, it will shake things up and you’ll learn something new. Taking on a new duty may also help out a team member, and that’s never a bad idea.

Explore finding joy around the edges

Look for enjoyment in the small things, even if that means your activities before and after work. Are there opportunities that your job provides you that another job wouldn’t? Maybe you travel for your job and that allows you to see cities you love and explore new places.

Look into temping

If more flexibility in your job would help you like it more, consider working as a temp. Temps have more control over their work schedule, pay rate and location. Temping allows professionals to do the job they love, while working in new places with new people for a fair rate.

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February 3, 2020