Make More Money by Moonlighting

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Whether you call it moonlighting, a gig, or a side hustle, many people are making extra money by taking on work. This work is outside (and often in addition to) their traditional 9-5 job.

Furthermore, related research shows that 51 percent of people ages 18-37 occasionally moonlight. In addition, 38 percent make money from a side gig at least once per month.

Interested in Moonlighting?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of taking on an additional job or perhaps even changing careers via moonlighting, start by brainstorming.

While brainstorming, don’t limit your ideas. Ask yourself: What do you love? What would you love to do? Are you great at something? What can make you money? Make a list of every idea.

Make a Choice

Next, once you’ve got your list, it’s time to narrow it down. Which idea on your list is the one you should pursue for moonlighting?

If you need help deciding, think about the earning potential for each idea. Perhaps your schedule will also help narrow down the list. Would the schedule work for your lifestyle?

Commit and Plan

After you make a decision, it’s time to commit. Now is the time to make a plan and focus. Research how to get started. Start making weekly and monthly goals.

What will you need to do first? Get yourself launched. Make a website if needed. Complete your social media profiles. Reach out to your personal networks for possible opportunities.

Don’t be Afraid to Expand

When it’s time for you to get started, keep looking ahead. Don’t be afraid to invest more time to expand your opportunities. If you can, invest your money into education and/or outsourcing tasks that will help you.

How Boon Can Help

Boon was created to make it easier and more affordable for dental care providers looking for work in the gig arena. With Boon, providers can make a profile in just a few minutes and start moonlighting.

We complete all of the background checks and thorough screening. This way, once your profile is on our platform, you’re ready to get hired. Boon uses advanced artificial intelligence to match providers with practices.

With Boon, you can work as much or as little as you want. Get a side gig or go completely on your own. The options are endless!

Creating a profile is easy. Get started and get hired today!

Make money moonlighting

August 26, 2019