How Boon Works

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If you’ve been thinking about using Boon to find a job or to hire someone, you may have heard a little bit about how our platform works. If not, have no fear.

Boon is a platform. It was made for the gig economy. Particularly, we help the healthcare industry. Our platform works by matching healthcare providers with healthcare practices. We make perfect matches using artificial intelligence and algorithms. As a result, this helps make the experience as best as it can be.

What does this mean?

Now, what’s artificial intelligence? Algorithms? Artificial intelligence, often called AI, is the theory or the development of computer systems that have the ability to perform tasks that normally require human thinking. These tasks might be visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making or translation between languages.

An algorithm is a process or a defined set of rules that are followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. Specifically, a computer often completes these rules or calculations.

Boon Works by Replacing Staffing Agencies

So, instead of using a staffing agency, you’re able to use Boon to find the right match. Between our algorithm and AI, we make matches based on tech utilization skills, past experience, work availability and personality traits.

For example, a healthcare practice might be looking for a provider with a specific set of technology experience and the availability to work on Saturdays. If that’s you, our app will find the two of you and make a match!

Why Use Boon?

Boon essentially helps you become your own boss. With Boon, you can set your own schedule, get paid fairly and have control over your career. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry suffers from burnout and often, providers quit. As a result, we created Boon. Fortunately, we know there are talented providers out there and practices who need them.

Boon Works Best if You Update Your Profile

Of course, different practices may need different things at different times. As you continue to grow as a provider, you’ll have additional skills and experiences to add to your profile. Your availability will likely also change over time.

Furthermore, using AI and algorithms is another way to make the experience better for everyone involved. Plus, it’s a trustworthy method that works.

Now you know how Boon works. Creating a Boon profile only takes a few minutes. Start today! If you’re a healthcare practice, the same goes for you. Create your profile and start hiring right away!

December 9, 2019