How to be a lovable office

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If you want to be an office that attracts good hires you’ve got to have certain practices set in place. This goes for all types of employees. So, we’ve broken down the traits that will make your place of business a lovable office.

Encourage good communication

Open communication is the core of a happy, productive workplace. Explain to your staff your company’s goals and plans for achieving them. Of course, provide clear communication in times of uncertainty.

Provide feedback

Positive feedback strengthens team engagement. Therefore, managers should give helpful feedback all year, not just at annual reviews.

Negative feedback should be fair and focused on specific behavior. Feedback should be a two-way street. Be sure to encourage input from your staff.

Recognize employee value

Reward staff members for meeting goals. Rewards can include monetary bonuses or non-financial perks your employees will appreciate.

Delegate tasks

Empower your staff members by trusting them with important responsibilities. Then, stand back and let them do their job. Before giving new responsibilities, evaluate the employees’ skills, and provide any needed training.

Develop your employees

Developing your employees makes them more productive and engaged. It also helps attract and retain skilled workers. Explore semi-formal learning such as mentoring, job-shadowing and focused reading. Supplement training with opportunities for workers to apply new skills on the job.

That’s how you create a lovable office for great staff members. Once you implement these tips, it’ll be smooth sailing.

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February 17, 2020