Tips for Onboarding a Temp

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If you’ve never hired a temp or even if you’ve worked with hundreds of temps, there’s always room for improvement in the way you onboard them. When you make the most out of onboarding a temp, you’ll get the most out of them, too. The more temps you hire and onboard, the more you can perfect your process.

Get Your Temp Into Work ASAP

If you have a need for a temporary employee, don’t wait on getting them into your business for their first day. Temps are ready to work, so take advantage of that. Don’t be afraid to get your temp employee started right away so they can add value to your team immediately. The sooner they get started, the sooner you can get them trained, and the sooner they can get to work where you need them.

Make Temps Feel Welcome

Working as a temp means they’re meeting new people and new coworkers all the time. It can be difficult for them to feel included, especially when they’re starting a new job.

Employees who feel like they are a part of the team have higher levels of productivity. Make sure you find ways to make them feel included among their coworkers.

Train Temps as if They Were Full-Time

It can be easy to label a temp as someone who’s just here today, gone tomorrow, but it’s important they are given all of the vital information they need to do the job as best as possible.

Make a training plan for your temp, and be sure the training is done in chunks of time and not entire days of information. Even though they are temps, they’ll still need to know the company basics, just as any permanent employee would.

If possible, have an employee they can shadow. This will show them real-life scenarios and also help them get to know the team.

Remember that everyone learns differently, so train in different ways to include explanation, demonstration, observation, and advising.

Get an Understanding of Their Skills

Get a feel for their entire skill set, not just for what they were hired to help with. You never know, they may have some additional skills you need, whether now or for later. Understanding their strengths can also help as you continue to train them.

Always keep in mind to onboard the person, not the role. Cater all of your onboarding efforts to the individual, and it will work best for everyone involved.

Schedule Regular Check-ins

Make sure you regularly check in on them to ensure they’re doing okay. Use this time to identify any gaps in their training or times when they’re unsure of what to do. This can help you as you improve your training and onboarding process as well.

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August 12, 2019