What to Look for in a Temp Employee

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When you’re searching for a temp employee, you’ll want to find someone that has many of the same qualities as your full-time employees. However, we’ve broken it down into a few key traits you should keep your eyes open for when hiring a temp in any industry. 

A Temp Employee Should be Motivated 

You want a temp employee that has the ability to self-start. Look for someone who has enthusiasm and passion for the job. As a temp, it can be difficult to maintain excitement for short job assignments. People are naturally drawn to positivity. So, bringing someone in that has a positive attitude could boost employee morale.

You Need Temp Employee to be Flexible 

A temp should be flexible to complete the tasks at-hand. If a temp is adaptable, they will quickly adjust to new surroundings. With flexibility comes reliability. A temp should be reliable in a way that fits the job. They should be able to show up on time ready to work. Flexible employees venture out of their comfort zone to get the job done. 

Hire Temps Who Learn Quickly 

You want to bring on a temp employee that will be easy to train. Look at their experience to see what special skills they can bring to the table. If they have no previous experience in that area, search for proof that they can learn quickly. If they’re motivated, as previously mentioned, they will be excited to learn new skills. 

Look for Temps With Great Communication Skills 

Someone with great communication skills knows how to build rapport. Temp employees have to be able to adapt to different environments in a short amount of time. Having great communication skills also means they’ll be reliable, and will bring up any questions during their training. 

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October 21, 2019