How to Find and Keep a Temp Job

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Nearly 3 million Americans have temporary jobs. Temp positions are significantly common among a wide range of industries, including construction, finance and dental.

Most temporary employees often find themselves out of a job after a while. But some manage to keep their temporary employment for the long-run.

Update Your Resume

That three-page document you call a resume is not going to work in today’s job market. Most temp positions come with specific goals and timelines.

Instead, use an online template to generate a fresh, one-page resume that outlines your skills, accomplishments, and projects. This information demonstrates your ability to handle the responsibilities of a staffing position depending on if you have the right skills for the job.

Know Your Worth

A lot of factors determine the pay you are likely to receive from a temporary gig. Your job experience, your location, and the market’s condition all play a role in temp job wages. Be honest and realistic about what compensation you expect from your temporary role.

If the salary seems too low to meet your needs, don’t take the job. Otherwise, you’ll end up snubbing it or quitting, leaving a poor impression on the employer as well as the agency that hired you.

If You’re Too Experienced

If you’re overqualified for a specific temporary position, you can be sure the interview will bring it up. However, being overqualified does not always have to hamper your efforts to land the job. Pitch yourself as offering your expertise at a far lower cost than a full-time professional.

Don’t Coast on the Temporary Job

Once you land a temporary job, don’t coast through it. Being a slacker, or having a reputation of being one, is going to impair your chances of keeping the job longer than a few months. No employer is going to tolerate laziness for more than a certain duration of time. After that, they will probably show you the door.

So if you are lucky enough to get appointed to a temporary position, respect it and show your appreciation by giving it your all. Chances are your employer will notice your dedication and offer you a full-time position. After all, good resources are hard to find these days.

Take Advantage of Training Programs

A temporary job can serve as your foot in the door to a better position. Even if you lack expertise or skills, a temporary position at a company that offers training programs to employees can be just the leg-up you need. If your employer offers training for or related to your skillset, you should always opt-in.

Most training programs for employees are free, and you can learn valuable skills and information to pad out your professional expertise. If you’re lucky, your employer may even take note of your efforts and give you priority for a suitable position that opens up.

Pay Attention to the Perks of a Temporary Job

Of course, we all want a good paycheck at the end of the day, which is something that doesn’t always happen with temporary staffing positions. But there are other things that you should also give due consideration. The perks and benefits that come with your temporary employment are nothing to be scoffed at.

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February 24, 2020